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About Us

Go Green Heating and Cooling is owned and operated by Brent Merchant, a third-generation HVAC professional, with over 20 years of experience in the business. He has built a team of the most skilled and dedicated technicians in Austin. Go Green Heating and Cooling has only one goal in mind: to offer the best HVAC option in Austin!

gogreen-group-picA Green Alternative
Go Green isn’t just our name; it’s the way we do business. Sustainability is one of our top priorities. From recycling all scrap metal, offering the most efficient systems on the market, recovering harmful refrigerants from old system, and recycling all unused refrigerant to offering paperless options, we recognize that every bit counts when it comes to being responsible stewards to our planet.

Dependability and Accountability
Far too often in the HVAC industry, customers are offered lip service rather than measurable results. Our lifeblood is our relationship with clients and therefore building and maintaining a trustworthy and positive relationship is of the utmost importance. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy- even if it means a service call in the middle of the night!

Our motto is that if we wouldn’t put it in our house, we wouldn’t put it in yours. For that reason we use equipment manufactured by Trane or it’s affiliates. Although there are other options in HVAC equipment, Trane is simply the best and most dependable option on the market today.

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